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Illinois Auto Group is a single-source provider for all your vehicle appearance needs. Our services include interior reconditioning and exterior reconditioning. IAG, as the number one provider of interior reconditioning and maintenance services, has performed over 100,000 interior restorations at over 100 Illinois Dealers. Our goal is to help our dealers manage that all important first impression to their customers. Working with our clients we develop a customized and proven Dealership Program that ensures each used vehicle is standing tall and front line ready, allowing them to convert a higher percentage of prospects into paying customers. Our Dealership Program creates additional profit centers through our Warranty Sales and Service Lane Programs. Our primary focus is to help you sell more cars, sell them faster and for more profit.

We take your vehicles from detail to retail, ensuring that the money you’ve invested in your detail will not be wasted. Our reconditioning program includes all common repairs to carpet, cloth, leather, vinyl, and hard plastic. We remove stains and eliminate odor issues left after a detail. Then we take it to the next level using TLM as discussed in the previous question.

IAG is different because our focus is to help you sell more cars, sell them faster and for more money. We know if we can’t show our customers a significant return on their investment (ROI), we won’t have them as customers for very long. Our interior reconditioning is the foundation of how we deliver that ROI, and we know, No Body Does It Better. We perform our service on every used car in your inventory. We call this Total Lot Management (TLM). We do that for one low price per car. Our technicians get into every vehicle and recondition it from top to bottom. They find any problem (following a 132 point certification process) that might create an objection from a prospect. And eliminate follow up visits from a customer for something they noticed after taking the car home. Once the vehicle has been reconditioned, the tech will refresh that car every week as needed until it is sold, at no extra charge.

Next, we create additional profit centers. One of them is our Warranty Sales Program. Because our technicians have certified the interior by performing our service, we provide a 2-year warranty, at no extra charge, that can be upsold at a suggested retail price of just $299.00. Our experience shows that dealers selling the warranty and reaching a penetration level of 25% in one month, cover the cost of the service for that month. Contact us to find out other profit centers that our program can create

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