Dealership Program

Our Dealership Programs are unique and creates additional profit centers through Warranty Sales and Service Lane Programs. Our goal is to help our dealers manage that all important first impression to their customers and help the dealerships sell more cars, sell them faster and for more money. Call us for complete details on the programs and learn how you can earn an additional 100K in the first year of using our porgram!

Total Lot Management
- TLM is the foundation for all of our programs. By beginning with the AutoQual reconditioning service, then adding IAG’s award winning certification process, quality audits and walk around audits, we are able to show our dealers significant return on investment.

Warranty Sales
- Because of TLM, our certification process and the fact that AutoQual is a national company we are able to offer a 2 year interior repair warranty on every car we service at no extra cost.

Service Lane
- Once our technicians have established their weekly routine on your lot, you can now offer our reconditioning services to your service lane customers. We have all the point of sale and pricing materials needed to make it work for you.

Dealer Personnel Training -  Our staff will come in and train your personnel on each of our programs on a regular basis to maximize the benefit you receive. We know your dealership is a busy place with a lot going on. We will even offer initial incentives to make sure the training is effective!