Create Your
Own Special Edition

DRIVE N STYLE™ is a mobile installation company, with a focus on creating “Special Editions.” Our CREATE YOUR OWN SPECIAL EDITION™ is part of a $29 billion retail industry that capitalizes on America's love affair with cars and trucks.

DRIVE N STYLE™ offers a group of stylish products that complement one another, such as wood or stainless dash kits, wood or stainless steering wheels, stainless grilles, rear deck spoilers, and exterior stainless or chrome trim and a host of truck accessories. All the work is done on the new car dealer's lot; the vehicle does not leave the dealership.

Dealers prefer DRIVE N STYLE™. We use the highest quality products by manufacturers offering a minimum warranty of 36 months or 36,000 miles, matching the factory warranty on the vehicle.

We pride ourselves on offering the best service in the aftermarket. Generally, we are able to do the installation within 24 to 48 hours. Installations typically take 2 to 3 hours.

There are a number of reasons why car dealers like to feature vehicles that have a “Special Edition” installed on them.


Drive N Style Photo

A good example is the “Special Edition” 2005 Chrysler 300. This car is Car and Driver magazine “Car of the Year,” making it a “hot model” in high demand. Chrysler dealers do not have large inventories of this car but have many customers looking for one. If the dealer has one or two with a “Special Edition” package, customers will be drawn to the DRIVE N STYLE™ version. The distinctive grill, rear deck spoiler, exterior chrome trim and dashboard treatment installed by DRIVE N STYLE™ make the vehicle unique. When the dealer sells a “Special Edition” they will make a bigger profit.

Drive N Style Photo

The Chevrolet Silverado is another very popular vehicle. DRIVE N STYLE™ has created a very attractive package for this model that makes it really stand out. One of the car dealers working with DRIVE N STYLE™ runs a television commercial telling people to come to Sutherland Chevrolet and see Sutherland’s Signature Series Silverado. This brings in customers that normally might not have visited this dealership but want to see what the Sutherland Special Edition is all about. Car dealers are always looking to increase showroom traffic, and that is one of the things that DRIVE N STYLE™ can help them do.